About The Lab

The Lab team has extensive experience in design, construction and operation in the field of electromechanical installations, energy and waste management projects, including energy savings in industry and buildings.

Industrial scale extensive experience in applications of power electronics in small and large scale (power supply systems, ac and dc motor drives etc, including networks, critical infrastructures operation (including hospitals, power supply systems, etc), emergency response in power cut-offs (due to faults or extreme conditions like fires, extreme weather, etc), infrastructure condition evaluation after different types of incidents....

This team is also presents extensive experience in RES applications focusing of designing of photovoltaics, biomass and wind generators installations (from feasibility study to detailed engineering and commissioning for the PV-stations). The team of Experts is very experienced in risk assessment in energy generation, transmission and distribution installations, and in the critical infrastructure protection.

Also, the team has significant experience in energy savings and improvement of energy efficiency of systems (buildings, processes, etc), has participated in energy and environment (national and international) projects dealing with energy savings and energy performance of buildings. More specifically, these projects concern: advanced technologies for energy efficiency in buildings, zero energy buildings, EcoDesign, waste management, energy saving & management systems, energy storage, design of Renewable Energy Systems and energy conservation systems, feasibility study, techno-economic assessment of RES projects, energy efficiency and rational use of energy (e.g. Dissemination of Energy Efficiency Measures in the Public Buildings Sector – IEE Project, Climate Alliance for Mediterranean Cities –MedClima Life Environment Project, EMAS and Information Technology in Hospitals” – e-HospitalEMAS Life Environment Project, “Study for preparing the first Working Plan of the EcoDesign Directive, ENTR/06/026”, Service Contract for EU/DG ENTR”), applications of AI techniques/intelligent based systems/fuzzy logic & expert systems applications on power systems and smart grids, smart electrical installations.

The team presents also significant experience in training and education of adults, scientists and engineers in the above mentioned sectors. The team is acting as Consultant this Period for many Municipalities and one Prefecture in Greece in Energy Efficiency and RES implementation in the Urban Space. The strong relation with power industry (Network Operators, Power Generating Companies, etc), and other stakeholders (Prefectures, hospitals, etc) is also a strong advantage of the team.

The team participates last years in the development of the EU legislation in EcoDesign and Green Public Procurement Guidelines in EU.


Main Research Fields

  1. • Energy and the Environment, Energy Policy and the Environment.

  2. • EcoDesign - Ecological / Sustainable Design of Equipment and Systems.

  3. • Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Cost Analysis.

  4. • Sustainable Resource Management, Industrial Symbiosis.

  5. • High Voltage Engineering - materials, devices, equipment, design and diagnostics of insulating materials and equipment- devices.

  6. • Energy saving and Energy efficiency.

  7. • Electric Power Systems.

  8. • Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures.

  9. • Renewable Energy Sources (Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydroelectric Systems, Biomass, Fuel Cells, Solar Thermal Systems, Geothermal Systems, Wave Energy, Energy Storage).

  10. • Power generation from conventional and alternative energy sources, transmission and distribution. Generation, transmission and distribution of Energy - Optimization of energy Networks.

  11. • Economic Operation of Energy Systems - Energy and Environmental Economics.

  12. • Smart Energy Networks and measuring systems design.

  13. • Transformers and electric machines. Diagnostic Testing of Electric Machines.

  14. • Lightning, overvoltage and surge protection of installations. Protection against transient electromagnetic phenomena.

  15. • Reliability and quality control of power systems and structures.

  16. • Applications of Information Technology and intelligent Systems in power systems.

  17. • Mathematical analysis and simulation of power systems and structures.

Supported Sustainable Development Goals

Affordable and Clean Energy Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Sustainable Cities and Communities Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action

Research Projects

International Conference of Electric Fuses and their Applications (ICEFA 2019)
ASSET in Energy Transition
SF6 treatment education (Additional cooperation with IPTO and DQS for ISO 17024 ceritification)

Diploma Thesis

• Free Diploma Thesis
• Running Diploma Thesis

Diploma Thesis Websites

• Sun Thermal Calculator


International cooperation

The Lab has strong national and International collaborations. Indicative collaborating Institutes are Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University New York USA, Plasma Physics Lab of Clermont Auvergne University France, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Department of Food technology, Safety and Health Gent University Belgium, Department of Geography Charokopio University, Laboratory of Quantitative Economics and Information Systems Department of Economics University of Patras, Highway Engineering Laboratory of Aristotele University of Thessaloniki Greece. As a result very recently was acknowledged as became an academic partner of the Earth Engineering Center and its Global WTERT Council (GWC).

Meet the Team


Constantinos Psomopoulos

e-mail: cpsomop@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381182

Panagiotis Tsatsaros

e-mail: pt@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381141

Paulos Pahos

e-mail: ppachos@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381541

Dimitris Barkas

PhD Student
e-mail: d.barkas@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381541

George Tarousinof

Phd Student
e-mail: gtarousinof@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381541

Efstathios Kyriakis

Phd Student
e-mail: St.kyriakis@yahoo.gr
+30 2105381541

Ioannis Chronis

Phd Student, Teaching Staff
e-mail: chroniio@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381250

Anthoula Menti

Adjunct Academic Staff
e-mail: amenti@uniwa.gr
+30 2105381541

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